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  1. I may not have even come to JHU if it wasn’t for Dr. Masson. After I was admitted as an undergrad and came to tour the JHU campus. I went to visit the Computer Science department and Dr. Masson dropped everything to spend 45 minutes with me in the middle of his busy day, convincing me that JHU was the right place to study.

    During my undergrad and master’s in CS, I took Dr. Masson’s Computer System Fundamentals class at 8am Mondays – Wednesdays, and learned how to make a whole computer from NAND gates! Dr. Masson was a great teacher and great steward of the CS department in his role as department chair, and I am eternally grateful.

  2. Gerry was the chairman when I was at Hopkins from 91 to 95. He taught us communication class and his classes were lot of fun. He was very articulate, great teacher and also kept the classes interesting with his humor. In Hopkins, we always had small classroom (< 30) and this made it even more informal and interesting. He was a wonderful chairman and always there for help and guidance.

    I am saddened to hear his loss at this age.

  3. I took his computer architecture course in 2001. He ran the course very honestly and diligently. He came across as a compassionate man who valued practical knowledge. I felt I learnt a lot in that course and was happy I took that course.

  4. Dr. Masson taught me Computer Architecture during my undergrad years at Johns Hopkins in the early 90’s. I remember him as a very passionate and kind person who inspired his students to truly love what they do. To this day this passion has stayed with me and has been the reason for my success.

    Whenever I went to him for advice he always told me what was in my best interest which I very much appreciated. He did have a lighter side to him and I remember the time he shaved his beard as part of a bet with his kids!

    I am very grateful and thankful for your guidance, mentorship and vision Dr. Masson. You have left us too soon! May you rest in peace.

  5. Dr Masson was my advisor as an undergrad in the mid 70s
    His passion for fault analysis was infectious and inspiring.
    He was a great asset to the University ,
    Rest In Peace .

  6. As one of the first PhD graduates of the new Department of Computer Science (1987), I owe a debt of gratitude to Prof. Masson for my professional career. I started as a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science but finished under the auspices of the new separate department. This dual heritage, as it were, helped me in acting as liaison between the Department of Computer Science in the College of Sciences here at the University of New Orleans and the Department of Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering. On a lighter note, when I interviewed here in New Orleans back in 1986, the host department brought me to dinner to a restaurant on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain named, interestingly enough, Masson’s. Alas, like the good professor, the place is no more.

  7. Gerry was one of the nicest people I met in my career. As a PhD student at Johns Hopkins there was something reassuring about being in an institute run by such a kind person. We always felt like Gerry genuinely cared about us as people. I’m very grateful for all he did for us.

  8. I remember taking every class Gerry Masson taught when I was an undergrad and grad student at JHU EE. One of the most engaging professors I had at Hopkins! He will be missed!

  9. I owe my career successes to Gerry’s tutelage while I was an undergraduate and graduate student at Johns Hopkins, and I’m sure that many other of his students feel the same way. He shaped the foundations of our Department of Computer Science and is considered to be a pioneer in Information Security, two fields that are exploding and will influence our world in new and unforeseen ways for many years to come.

    And, perhaps most importantly, he collected many, many friends and admirers along the way who were able to recognize Gerry’s sincerity, camaraderie, vision and passion in all that he did.

    For all of this, I am forever grateful to Gerry Masson.

  10. Gerry took me under his wing as a PhD student, pushed me to do new things such as developing and teaching whole courses, and created what has become permanent home for me as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science. I am very grateful for his mentoring and leadership – he was a wonderful man and is truly missed.

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